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Learn the answers to the drone exam with RotorBrains™ drone training. Learn how to pass the drone exam and get your drone pilot certificate.

Transport Canada drone training school & FAA drone training school.

Author and Publisher

RotorBrains™ is written and published by Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training and Consulting (RPATC™), an organization specializing in high end aerospace and remote aircraft services. Our staff include Transport Canada flight instructors for manned aviation, Transport Canada certified drone examiners, and commercial pilots (airline experienced).

Clients include departments of federal, regional and local governments, as well as corporate entities and small businesses.

Government & Emergency Services

The RotorBrains™ training has been used by Emergency Service organizations,
Fire Departments, Police and Law Enforcement agencies. A variety of other large
organizations have also used the training in areas such as geographical
mapping, property and infrastructure development projects, environmental
compliance and the mining/energy sector.

RotorBrains™ has also been a resource for drone hobbyists who want to learn
a new skill and have fun legally and safely, as well as for videographers and
small businesses who have learned to use drones to enhance their capabilities and sales.

Official Drone Training Partner of the Canadian Wildlife Federation

RotorBrains™ is the Official Drone Training Partner of the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF), we have trained many environmental researchers and scientists who are using new drone technology to further environmental preservation efforts, protect wildlife and monitor ecosystems.

Drone training partner. RPAS training in Canada. Remotely Piloted Aircraft training. Learn to fly drones.

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