Operating Drones from a Vehicle

Pilots are prohibited from operating a drone while at the same time operating a moving vehicle (CAR 901.37).

If it necessary to operate an drone from a moving vehicle, there must be a dedicated person operating the vehicle while the pilot operates the drone. If a visual observer is used in the operation, they are also prohibited from operating the vehicle while performing their duties as a visual observer (CAR 901.20(4)).

When launching from a vehicle that is in motion or that will be in a different location when the drone is recovered, consider that the return to home automatic function may register the initial position at takeoff. Some drones give you the option of using the launch point or alternatively, going to the location of the transmitter. Plan ahead for manual landing, or other landing procedures, in a specifically designated location and adjust the contingency plans to avoid having the drone return to a dangerous location.

(Source: Transport Canada)