RotorBrains™ - Canadian Edition
RotorBrains™ - Canadian Edition
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RotorBrains™ - Canadian Edition

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Learn to be a drone pilot with RotorBrains™ eLearning. 

Learn steps to avoid crashing your expensive drone!  
Learn to avoid $2500 airspace fines!
Get your drone operator license. 

Learn to Have Fun Flying. Not worrying about expensive crashes and regulatory fines.

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Welcome to RotorBrains™ eLearning!

The RotorBrains™ Interactive eLearning platform consists of structured learning materials to support those discovering or expanding their knowledge of drone operations.

The platform uses interactive software including questions (with answers), reference materials, videos, and activities to promote learning focused on professional and safe drone operations.

Subject matter taught includes government drone regulations, drone systems knowledge, meteorology, navigation, flight operations, human factors, and more!  All this knowledge is required to pass the drone pilot certification exam for flight in Canada.

The goal of the RotorBrains™ platform is not only to assist learners in developing the knowledge for passing the exam, but rather to develop a broader and deeper understanding of the subjects required for those who are interested in advancing to more complicated and futuristic operations.

The RotorBrains™ software is study at your own pace, and to your own desired depth. For those looking for in-depth knowledge required for professional operations there is a considerable volume of material and over 500 questions available, of significant value to those who have a goal of building towards more advanced and complicated missions.

After purchase, you will be automatically enrolled and emailed instructions on accessing the RotorBrains™ eLearning platform.

Each RotorBrains™ eLearning license is limited to use by a single individual on two devices (such as a work computer and a home computer) for a 180 day period. This is to prevent multiple users from swapping the same license. Should multiple users like to purchase the product please contact the Sales team via the contact form on the website main page.

A high speed internet connection is required to run the program.

Previous experience with drones and current ownership of a drone is not required to enrol in this eLearning.

Please watch the video on the left side of this page to learn more about the interactive platform.

Whether you are interested in developing new capabilities in aerial imagery and video work, starting a futuristic business (many possibilities here), experimenting with the latest tech, or commencing a new hobby - Discover your Rotors and Stimulate your Brain Cells with RotorBrains™ Interactive Drone Training.