How to Pass the Drone Exam?
Drone Safety and Transport Canada Certification Training Winter 2022

Drone Safety and Transport Canada Certification Training Winter 2022

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Course Cost Discounted by 25% for Government Registrants


    Two enrolment options are available:


    Course Objectives:

    Learn the Transport Canada required knowledge to write the drone pilot exam and to operate drones safely with a focus on your desired applications. 

    Learn to lower the risks of injuries, accidents, and associated liabilities to your organization.

    Improve your safety and professionalism within the industry, building a record to bring value to your organization and impress clients.

    Course Details:

    • 24 hour instructor led program (with occasional homework assignments)
    • Course instructed live online with a Transport Canada drone certification examiner
    • Interactive small group instruction individualized for each learner
    • Includes access to the RotorBrains™ eLearning platform
    • Covers the curriculum for writing the Transport Canada drone certification exam, flight planning, as well as technological and operational aspects specific to the learner's objectives and desired applications. 
    • Previous experience with drones and current ownership of a drone is not required to enrol, learn or write the exams.
    • For those already certified for drone operations, this course applies as a recurrent training option for Transport Canada continuing certification requirements.


    Expanded Course Details:

    Subject matter taught includes Transport Canada drone regulations, drone systems knowledge, meteorology, navigation, flight operations, human factors, and more!  All this knowledge is required to pass the Transport Canada drone pilot certification exams for flight within Canadian airspace. The course is taught with a focus on the learner's objectives and desired applications of the technology. 

    Learners will have access to the RotorBrains™ Interactive eLearning platform, which consists of structured learning materials to support those discovering or expanding their knowledge of drone operations.

    The platform uses interactive software including questions (with answers), reference materials, videos, and activities to promote learning focused on professional and safe drone operations.

    Please watch the video on the left side of this page to learn more about the interactive platform.

    For those looking for in-depth knowledge required for professional operations there is a considerable volume of material and over 500 questions available, of significant value to those who have a goal of building towards more advanced and complicated missions.

    After purchase, you will be enrolled and emailed instructions on accessing the RotorBrains™ eLearning platform.

    Each RotorBrains™ eLearning license is limited to use by a single individual on two devices (such as a work computer and a home computer) for a 180 day period. 

    A high speed internet connection is required to run the program.

    About RotorBrains

    RotorBrains™ is an organization specializing in high end aerospace and remote aircraft services. Clients include the federal government, various provincial and municipal governments, as well as corporate entities and expert researchers.

    RotorBrains™ focuses on educational services for NextGen drone industry professionals to meet national drone pilot certification criteria and examination requirements, especially as applicable to safe and legal operations.

    Whether you are interested in developing new capabilities in aerial imagery and video work, enhancing your operational efficiency and resource deployment, or experimenting with the latest tech - Discover your Rotors and Stimulate your Brain Cells with RotorBrains™ Interactive Drone Training.